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I Have Cat


The Conscious Cat

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Doo Doo wasn’t trying to run away from home. Doc and Fern were great humans, cat people to the core. He was lucky to find them after being abandoned by his mother in the backyard jungles of San Francisco. But Doo Doo has a feral streak, and a sudden impulse sends him into the wilds of the city’s Glen Canyon, and then far beyond.

Now he is very lost, but not so lost that he doesn’t know what he wants more than anything. It’s the same thing we all want—love and home—but Doo Doo needs to get there on four paws. And having his new best friend, a subway cat named Rass, tagging along doesn’t make it any easier.

Doo Doo’s 6,000 mile odyssey across America—by jet, bus, big rig, ferry, Caddy, Cessna and paw—takes a full year. The lost cat attracts lost souls. He helps a homeless drunk find a home, a minor league pitcher find his fastball, a small town newscaster find the big time, a goth girl find her peace, and a widowed Air Force pilot find the last runway.

Doo Doo tells his story in his own voice, we see what he sees, feel what he feels. His adventures will seize your imagination and touch your heart in ways you never thought possible, because you’re not a cat. But Doo Doo is. And he promises to take you so deep inside his soul you’ll feel yourself purr.

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