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Happy Birthday from Uncle and Auntie Sam

Happy Birthday from Uncle and Auntie Sam

Happy 242nd birthday, children. May this July 4th find you full of joy and gratitude, wherever you are in this great land of ours. Your uncle and I are doing well, all things considered. After all, we’re not as young as we used to be! But you kids have us worried. Sam...

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Allan Goldstein

Allan Goldstein is a writer and music producer living in San Francisco and Palm Springs. His op-ed column, “Caught off Base,” which appears on this site, has been published in SF’s West Portal Monthly newspaper for the past 20 years.

Allan used to write for several blogs, including, Smirking Chimp, Open Salon, among many others. After interacting with the online public, he no longer does that.

Other work has been published in literary reviews, magazines, and writer’s websites. His acclaimed, five star novel, “The Confessions of a Catnip Junkie,” can be found in hard copy and digital version on

A producer of soul, rock and go-go music in his youth, Allan has reverted to that artform in his not-so-youth. Currently he is documenting the amazing Palm Springs jazz and music scenes in a series of recordings, soon to be posted on his other website, The Palm Swings Music Project. (Go See) Look for the first wave of sonic bliss on that site by the end of 2018.

Allan is married to Jordan, the wife of 25 years he is still striving to deserve. No kids, one cat who also splits her time between the Bay Area and the desert. Allan sincerely believes that one cat is not enough, but his current feline begs to differ.

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Life As We Know It

How do you know if you’re an artist?

How do you know if you’re an artist?

How do you know if you’re an artist? My friend Barry is basically an aging stoner in the Sunset District, but he’s an artist too. He wrote a book called Deep Fool that not many people read. It’s about his spectacularly wasted youth and some truly horrid things he did...

In Defense of Cats

In Defense of Cats “The Confessions of a Catnip Junkie” I come before you now in defense of cats. They shouldn’t need my help, Americans have over eighty million cats, more than dogs, more than any other animal. But if the cat is much loved, it is more misunderstood....



BARBARA GRIFFITH All my life I’ve avoided funerals like they were catching. I never got much solace from them, and I didn’t think my absence disrespected the principal, the dead being rather indifferent on the subject. I never realized the power of publicly...

The “Joys” of Aging

If you’re fortunate, you will live to be old. Yet old age brings thoughts of dread to the young; the best they can say about it is that it beats the alternative. How little they know. But that’s the defining characteristic of youth: How little they know. In truth, the...

My Virtual Valentine?

February is the month of love, but it sure doesn’t feel that way now. This feels more like a time of spousal abuse and sexual harassment than chocolate hearts and romance. Love is out of fashion, the culture doesn’t believe in it much anymore. A couple generations ago...

Music and Sports



SOUNDTRACK MADNESS When Sigmund Freud launched modern psychology by naming the hidden recesses of the human mind, the unconscious, superego, id, and the rest, he forgot a part—perhaps the most mysterious part of all—The Soundtrack. If the exhaustive survey I conducted...

Politics, Government etc.

Ideology has had its day

Ring down the curtains, pack up the props and shutter the theater. Ideology, that grand stage upon which the great and bloody dramas of the last century were played, is played out. Ideology was just another fad, a mostly 20th century diversion in the flow of history....

Anything Goes

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“The secret of getting ahead
is getting started.”

Mark Twain

Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.

Babe Ruth

The Confessions of a Catnip Junkie

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